Trenchless Sewer Repair

It was not easy to repair or replace a burst sewer pipe in residential or commercial places before the introduction of trenchless sewers because it involved a lot of digging. It was costly because it required a lot of time and labor to make the whole repair a success. However, with trenchless sewer system, you only need to dig two access holes to complete a whole trenchless sewer repair. Therefore, you don’t have to dig up your yard or tear up your driveway if you’ve installed a trenchless sewer system. Since you cannot get trenchless sewer repair services from all plumbing companies, it is advisable to inquire first before hiring.

Trenchless sewer technology is the latest innovation which is involved in installation, renewal and rehabilitation underground sewers in homes and other places. In fact, trenchless sewer repair has numerous benefits when compared to the old sewer piping system and it is highly recommended. The following are benefits of using trenchless sewer repair:

Less expensive

Although plumbing companies charge differently, getting a trenchless is cheap because you don’t need to dig trenches and clean up later after the repair. Also, you don’t need to rent a hotel or a guest room to give room to the plumbers to repair your sewers because it will only take a short period of time to completion. However, you need to do a thorough research before hiring a plumbing company to avoid being overcharged. With the current technology, most plumbing companies have websites and social media accounts where you can get necessary information e.g. location, contacts, services offered and their rates. You need to take compare different rates, negotiate and finally settle on the most affordable cost depending on your budget.


Since the repair does not involve a lot of digging, the whole process is neat with less or no litter on your yard. With minimized digging, the contents carried by the sewer pipes do not have to be brought to the surface during the repair. This makes trenchless sewer repair hygienic and cleaner than the old piping system.

It’s quick

A traditional sewer repair usually takes days due to intensive labour needed to dig and bury the pipes after the repair. In severe cases where sewerage contents are brought to the ground, you may have to move to a hotel or a friend’s house awaiting the repair to be completed since it can take days or even weeks.

High Quality

With the use of modern technology, your yard, drive way and side walk won’t be destroyed through digging. In addition, you won’t have to worry about cable or gas lines being destroyed during the repair because the plumbers won’t dig out your yard.

With all these benefits, it is inarguable that trenchless repair is the best option to most homeowners. To repair a trenchless sewer system, either of the two methods can be used:

  • Pipe relining – where a fiber glass lining is placed inside the sewer pipes that were damaged and are being repaired
  • Pulling a new sewer line through an old damaged pipe for replacement


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